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As of 2014, I will no longer be going under the alais ‘Dave!’; I will be using an alternative alais of ‘davhors!’ from now on

Why? There are a few reasons of my own but mainly i just wanted a new start. There will be no change in musical style or content, just the name. I will still go by speedcoredave, or Dave! if need be but primarily davhors!

Hope that makes sense?!



8=============D ~~~~~~~~


Like the title suggests, I’m going to playing In Switzerland for the first time for the EU-M meetup.

I’ll be posting more info/links as more things are announced.



(click the album to be redirected to my bandcamp! or click here)

Yes yes yes its actually here oh my word this took a long time. I’ve included a bit of everything in here. A tad of my usual silly style, mixed in the darker tracks and more experimental ones, so there is something to suit everyone. I’ve even included a few horse tracks! :D

I’m releasing it as a pay what you want kinda dealy. So technically its FREEEEEE!!! Though if you like it, throwing some money at me would be greatly appreciated! <3

Special thanks to all the people who’ve supported me throughout the years and the making of this album. I couldn’t of done it without you lovely people! <3

This album is also being released on the Scotland based label DANCECORPS, who specialise in Hyper/Happy/Insane/Breakcore and Speedcore music, run by the ever fabulous Annoying Ringtone!

In conjunction with this release, I’m also announcing my new net-label type dealy Swaffelcore Records! Its going to be the place where i put my future self-released EP’s, albums etc under different aliases. Why? I’m doing a music based degree so i’ll be trying out a bunch of different styles and so on and would like a place to put them all. So look out for it in the future

Many thanks to the wonderful Twigileia who drew the cover-art for me, even with me being really annoying. It turned out really great and i’m glad I’m so glad Twigi done it, you go girl <3

Thats about it! I hope you enjoy it! :D


(reblogs and shares greatly appreciated <3)

Gee, I wonder who could that be ~~

Dave!, Supersaw Hoover, and a Bunch of Bronycon 2013 Attendees Present! Crazy Music for Crazy Ponies 2013

On the saturday of Bronycon, Me and Supersaw hoover ran a panel that explained and demonstrated the “alternative” side to Brony music. We also created a track only using audience participation, which you will here if you click play on the video. DO IT FILLY!

Needless to say, it was a whole lot of fun and i would like to thank Supersaw and Everyone who attended the panel! It was a whole bucket of fun and i hope everyone who went enjoyed themselves. xx

SSH’s Soundcloud is here, , Go follow her!111!!!


Dave! – Oncoming Traffic

This track is basically a huge smashup of all my favourite songs in the MLP fandom that i liked at 260/520BPM. I would of included a lot more but some tracks i felt didn’t deserved to be ‘ruined’ and that they should stay as it is. Ho hum. Enjoy!


242bpm terror track with horses included! Originally about the derpy controversy some time ago. Enjoy!