about me

Hi there!

So instead of stroking my ego and bigging myself up and speaking in the 3rd person like so many other artists do, i’m just going to do it normally, like i’m actually speaking to you. A bit better for both of us i think.

I better introduce myself.

Who are you?

I’m a dude at uni doing Music tech who also does stupid music.

What do you use to make your music?

Originally i started with a program i found in a box of shreddies when i was 8 or 9, i think it was called something like ‘Easy DJ‘. And thats where i got my taste for music and playing around with trackers really. I started to produce, really, REALLY bad drum and bass on my youtube channel in early 2007/8  in FL Studio, its an ace piece of software, but i didn’t like it and wanted to try something new. I currently use Propellerhead Reason 8.3, Ableton Live 9.dunno, FL Studio + Audition

What made you get into speedcore/terrorcore/breakcore/whatever

A few years ago (4-5) i stumbled on a page on wikipedia about electronic music while i was in bed playing with my PSP, and i found speedcore. I done a google and was ported to beemp3.com, where i downloaded ‘Tokyo style speedcore’ by m1dy. I loved it!!

it was awesome, the speed, the beats, the rhythm. i was in love. The next day i youtubed speedcore, and found imil’s what is speedcore video, and again. I fell in love. I searched for komprex, m1dy, the destroyer and various other people to fill my need for speedcore. I then bought This Is Terror 6 a few months later, the one against Plague VS Smurf and that was the thing that motivated me to make speedcore. I fired up FL and made some really really cack speedcore track, but it was my own. I then started to produce speedcore for a while, only posting on b3ta.com.

I then re opened my youtube account and posted this Dave! – Wonderwall.. Pants, i know but it was the start of something. And thats the story really.

Who are your main influences?

DJ Smurf (for bringing me into the *core and just generally being awesome), Earfist (For inspiring me in some tracks and proving to me that you can do speedcore in reason), Kurwastyle project (For running splitterblast) Passenger of shit (For being bat shit MENTAL) Loffciamcore (For proving that happy and hard can be together) Imil (For the ‘This is speedcore series, and his great music) and i’m sure there are many other wonderful people who i have forgotten about

I want to book you, how do i do that?

Thats easy, head on over to my ‘contact’ page and you should be home sailing from there. Please allow 4 weeks notice as I am attending university and your dates may conflict with mine.

if you want to ask me something see my contact page and feel free to contact me


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