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Yes yes yes its actually here oh my word this took a long time. I’ve included a bit of everything in here. A tad of my usual silly style, mixed in the darker tracks and more experimental ones, so there is something to suit everyone. I’ve even included a few horse tracks! :D

I’m releasing it as a pay what you want kinda dealy. So technically its FREEEEEE!!! Though if you like it, throwing some money at me would be greatly appreciated! <3

Special thanks to all the people who’ve supported me throughout the years and the making of this album. I couldn’t of done it without you lovely people! <3

This album is also being released on the Scotland based label DANCECORPS, who specialise in Hyper/Happy/Insane/Breakcore and Speedcore music, run by the ever fabulous Annoying Ringtone!

In conjunction with this release, I’m also announcing my new net-label type dealy Swaffelcore Records! Its going to be the place where i put my future self-released EP’s, albums etc under different aliases. Why? I’m doing a music based degree so i’ll be trying out a bunch of different styles and so on and would like a place to put them all. So look out for it in the future

Many thanks to the wonderful Twigileia who drew the cover-art for me, even with me being really annoying. It turned out really great and i’m glad I’m so glad Twigi done it, you go girl <3

Thats about it! I hope you enjoy it! :D


(reblogs and shares greatly appreciated <3)

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