Quick one frome me: in augest i’m going to be printing a limited run of an EP I’m creating. 4 tracks of terror/speedcore and maybe even a bit of hardcore if i can be bothered 😀

It’ll retail for £3 (+50p for the UK, +70 for europe, +£1 everywhere else) So 4 CD Quality tracks for just under 3 quid is pretty mint, judging if you was to get 4 CD Quality tracks from Juno or Hardtunes it would cost £2.70 PER TRACK. D:

So far 2 of the tracks are nearly done.. I’m deciding on a Title for the EP and i need to do some artwork for it

And sorry, no previews (Until its released) so no real music posts from me for a while

However to stop the symptoms i’ll post some mixes i’ve done.

Thats it really, enjoy!!

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