Small/large announcement

As of 2014, I will no longer be going under the alais ‘Dave!’; I will be using an alternative alais of ‘davhors!’ from now on Why? There are a few reasons of my own but mainly i just wanted a new start. There will be no change in musical style or content, just the name. I will still go by… Read more →


MY ALBUM AUDIOBUKKAKE IS FINALLY HERE! 😀 (click the album to be redirected to my bandcamp! or click here) Yes yes yes its actually here oh my word this took a long time. I’ve included a bit of everything in here. A tad of my usual silly style, mixed in the darker tracks and more experimental ones, so there is… Read more →

Dave! – Oncoming Traffic

This track is basically a huge smashup of all my favourite songs in the MLP fandom that i liked at 260/520BPM. I would of included a lot more but some tracks i felt didn’t deserved to be ‘ruined’ and that they should stay as it is. Ho hum. Enjoy! Read more →

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