News for December!

Hello! Sorry this site has been a bit bare, and i havn’t updated it as often as i would like to. But i’m going to change that now by monthly posts of what i’ve done. If you want more direct updates follow my facebook page. Aw yee! MIX I did a mix for Doble A Radio in Mexico out of… Read more →

I did a podcast for Night Terror Recordings! Aw yeah!

From the riot-torn streets of Colchester, UK it’s that absolute c*nt Dave! bringing the rukkus with his first Night Terror Recordings podcast : NTR Podcast 004! Expect lots of crazy frenchcore, speedcore and…ponies!? TRACKLISTINGS! 1) DJ T42 aka Deathcut KRS6tem – Eden War 2) Spinecode – A Mile In My Shit 3) Smurf – Lollypop Repopped 4) Androgyn Network –… Read more →

Dave! – Son, I Am EP! Is out NOW!!!

YES IT IS AND I DONT KNOW WHY I’M TYPING IN CAPS BUT I AM SO BLOODY HELL HELP ME I CANT GET IT OFF Oh wait, yes i can   Anyway, New release, 3 tracks of me, on NTR, go to ‘Discography’ for more details. Clicking the pic will download it! 😀 Le tracks 1) Fucked her fucking fanny… Read more →

I gone done another one of those mixes that you like

  Just mixed all the new stuff i’ve bought/downloaded for free. Starts off with hardcore, goes into frenchcore then terror 😀 Lasts just over an hour 🙂 1) The Genesis projection – Fuck The Polizei !!! 2) Lacerater – W.H. 22 (Dione Remix) 3) Angerfist – Incoming 4) Prototype – Raw Biscuit 5) Angerfist – And Jezus Wept 6) Dr.Denk… Read more →


Quick one frome me: in augest i’m going to be printing a limited run of an EP I’m creating. 4 tracks of terror/speedcore and maybe even a bit of hardcore if i can be bothered 😀 It’ll retail for £3 (+50p for the UK, +70 for europe, +£1 everywhere else) So 4 CD Quality tracks for just under 3 quid… Read more →

Dancecore mix

I did a mix of dance core, pretty much it Dave!'S Ultimate Dancecore Mix by Sean 'Dave' Mcmillan on Mixcloud 1) odaxelagina – How Do You Feel? 2) XACKSECKS – Unicron Barbeque 3) odaxelagina – Shitcore House Maship II 4) Happy Amen – Kamishiamen 5) Annoying Ringtone – Bad Onions 2 6) Negrobeat – Sexophone Party 7) Happy Amen –… Read more →

2 Years Of Dave!

Wahey!! 😀   So yeah, its been 2 years since i’ve been producing under the alais of ‘Dave!’ so, as a reward, i’ve done you a mix of all my favorite tracks from the last 2 years, thank you all for supporting me and all that 😀 😀 😀   Loffciamcore – Lady Gaga Make Dance On My Dick S.R.B… Read more →

Track updatings

So i started a track last week, like i posted.. yeah about that. Its a bit shit. so i scrapped the project, no point salvaging something that is god awful. You may like it but i dont like it, and that bugs the shite out of me as i’m a bit of a perfectionist. So what do i do know?… Read more →

Everything went better than expected

So last night i spent to majority of my evening sample hunting. With some level of sucsess.. I found a good free sample pack and various other snippets from youtube and where else, Including a few very angry ones from Lil John. Which is good for a 280bpm terror track, hahaha 😀 Probably going to start the intro and work… Read more →

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