[RELEASE] SWAFFELCORE 02 – davhors! – MAGICAL FUURRRRRRRRR11​!​!​1​!​!​1eleven​!​!​11!

Grab it here!


desc from bandcamp.

“Hi there! 

Its been a while since I released anything, so have this quick 2 (well 3) track EP 

The first track is a complete bastardisation of Andrew Huang’s ‘Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbow’ – Made more popular by the OC Flufflepuff. I was planning to do this for a while but was spurred on to do it more when my girlfriend drew some rather great cover at for it.. Technically a horsesong i suppose. 

Second is a song that I made using a new technique of making kickdrums, I’d consider it fairly experimental and a bit different but I think you should enjoy it. The song was named by one of my friends at university called Mitzio – He really likes it! 

And the last track Is, uh. The first track backwards. Yeah i know its not really another track but it is very interesting to listen too. Fairly bizzare” 

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